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Termite Wood Pretreatment

Win the fight before it begins.

Protect your new home against termites. Once subterranean termites invade a home, they may cause damage. The best plan of attack? A good offense – the kind borate wood pretreatment from HomeTeam Pest Defense provides. A borate-based termiticide is applied during construction – soaking deep into the wooden structural framework of the home to set up a barrier that sends termites packing.

Our highly effective wood pretreatment technology works on virtually every wood product – structural framing, plywood, particleboard, Oriented Strand Board and other cellulose-based building materials.

Applied around vulnerable areas like wood framing supports, our wood pretreatment adds an extra layer of protection – keeping termites from reaching non-treated areas. And our anti-termite treatment lasts for years, so you sleep soundly knowing your valuable home investment is well-protected.

Just a part of our full suite of termite and pest control services

Wood pretreatment for termites is only the beginning. HomeTeam brings a nationwide network of expertise in every area of pest and termite control to ensure that every home we treat remains secure, comfortable and free from unwanted pests of all kinds. HomeTeam delivers the very best of all worlds – great value, ultimate professionalism and in-depth knowledge – all dedicated to making every house we service a secure, comfortable family home.

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Three steps to help termite proof your home
  • Our trained technicians apply borate-based termiticide during construction, setting up a repellant barrier that lasts for years.
  • Once dry, all treated wood can be handled normally – long-lasting termiticide is saturated deep within.
  • Borate-based termiticide is highly efficient so less is required to provide effective treatment.
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