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Sentricon Construction Termite Treatment

Sentricon Termite Treatment

Your Termite Treatment and Control System for Existing Homes

The Sentricon System prevents and stops termites from attacking homes by eliminating their colonies. HomeTeam Pest Defense will install, service, and continue to monitor the system for new colonies.

While we work with more than 1,000 home building partners nationwide, providing exceptional termite treatments, Sentricon is the preferred termite control system for existing homes. There are options for all homes to get the same quality pest control treatment and prevention that builders enjoy.

Sentricon System

Sentricon treatments begin with just a simple phone call to 877-461-7378 for a consultation with a local termite treatment specialist. Expect customer service beyond compare, expert installation, and termite colony elimination with ongoing support.

Sentricon is the No. 1 termite elimination system in home protection. Homeowners prefer the Sentricon System because of its proven ability to eliminate termite colonies. Installation and quarterly monitoring are done by trained and professional technicians. Only grams of termite bait are used when and where needed.

With Sentricon treatment there are no hassles with drilling, trenching, or scheduling. The process begins once it's installed, and ongoing monitoring by HomeTeam Pest Defense provides peace of mind and reliability. Sentricon termite control is one way to maintain a comfortable, secure home for your family.

Sentricon Termite Control

The Sentricon System has protected more than two million homes and structures in the United States, including historic sites such as the Alamo, the White House, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Vernon and Independence Hall.

Comments from customers will tell you a lot about HomeTeam Pest Defense. Our customers rave about our pest control treatment and Sentricon standards. You're in great hands when you trust HomeTeam Pest Defense as your termite control company.

With one phone call, you can speak to a local expert about termite control and Sentricon services, as well as schedule a consultation with the HomeTeam Pest Defense termite treatment experts.

It is never too early to protect your home and/or company with termite treatments.

Sentricon Termite Baiting System | Stand your ground in the fight against termites.
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