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Tubes in the Wall

When we install TAEXX, we instill confidence

Hit bugs where they hide inside the walls of your home. TUBES IN THE WALL is a great way to get rid of those nasty unwelcome insects that hang out in the walls.

Here's how it works

HomeTeam Pest Defense installed a network of distribution lines in designated walls during construction. These lines are perforated and connected to locked service ports on the outside walls. This allows a HomeTeam technician to apply pest control materials inside the walls from outside the home.

The Result?

Effective service because pest control materials hit bugs where they hide inside the walls. Materials remain effective longer because theyre not exposed to sunlight. And after the initial service, you dont need to be home when our technician treats your house. TUBES IN THE WALL service minimizes exposure for family and pets, maximizes effectiveness and costs about the same as standard pest control service.

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