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Termite Pretreatment

Home Builders: Termite Pretreatment

As part of your building process, termite prevention is necessary in many markets. HomeTeam can provide the convenience of working with one company for your termite pretreatment services and pest control. We've been in business for many years. We've grown because of the importance we place on relationships with you, the home builder.

Borate Wood Pretreatment for New Construction

Pretreating structures with borates during new construction provides an effective method to protect your new homes from potential termite damage. HomeTeam's borate wood pretreatments act as protection against subterranean termites.

The borate wood termite control treatment penetrates the wood to provide long-lasting protection. The termiticide is distasteful to termites so they'll leave your houses alone and go elsewhere.

Soil Pretreatment for New Construction

In many areas of the country, termites are a concern for homeowners. They are destructive and can threaten the value of any home. By having HomeTeam apply a protective barrier to the soil during construction, our home termite control service will meet local regulations and keep your new homes protected.

The termite control soil pretreatment two-step method is effective and provides long-lasting protection. It eliminates problems before they happen.

Termite Control and Termite Services

Guard your homes from these unwanted invaders for good. Experience excellent customer service from the #1 pest management company servicing home builders.

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