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New Construction Termite Protection

HomeTeam Pest Defense is the nation's new construction pest control expert working with more home builders than any other pest management company. We make it convenient for builders by providing one-stop shopping for your pest and termite needs. We offer customized solutions for your new home construction and dedicated staff to keep you on schedule. Our approach caters exclusively to the needs of builders, delivering quality products and services and maximizing the value of your new homes.

Taexx Built-in Pest Control System

Taexx is a system of small tubes installed throughout the walls of your homes as they're being constructed to target pests at the point of entry. When serviced, the TAEXX system distributes treatments evenly and efficiently throughout designated walls providing a thorough and convenient pest prevention plan for your homeowner's future home.

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Termite Pretreatments for New Home Construction

Even newly constructed homes are at risk for termite infestation. HomeTeam offers numerous termite pretreatment services to help protect and prevent your home buyer's future home from termite infestation. Taking action now can protect your home buyer's investment down the line.

Borate Wood Pretreatment

Protect new homes from infestation with wood pretreatment, an effective termite control solution. HomeTeam Pest Defense's borate wood pretreatment acts as both a termiticide and a termite repellent for years after application.

The best way to protect the wooden structure of a new home from subterranean invaders is to make the wood so distasteful they'll head elsewhere. Highly effective borate wood pretreatment from HomeTeam does exactly that, penetrating deep inside the lumber framework to provide long-lasting protection.

Soil Pretreatment

Protect new homes with termite control soil pretreatment. HomeTeam Pest Defense's two-step liquid pretreatment is effective and provides long-lasting protection.

Termites present a significant and constant threat to the value of any home. That's why we apply a soil pretreatment to eliminate problems before they happen. By applying a protective barrier to the soil during new construction, our home termite control prevention sends unwanted guests packing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a builder. Who do I contact if I want more information?
  • How long does a borate pretreatment take?
  • What if I have blown-in insulation?
  • What kind of impact does installation of the Taexx system have on my cycle time?

I am a builder. Who do I contact if I want more information?

Each region of the country is supported by Builder Sales Representatives who can answer all your questions. You can email HomeTeam Pest Defense from the contact page or call 1-877-461-PEST (7378) to get your representative contact information.

How long does a borate pretreatment take?

On average, it takes about 45 minutes for a borate pretreatment. It will not impede your cycle time.

What if I have blown-in insulation?

Exterior finishes, foundation design and insulation type effect which walls Taexx is installed. Taexx is designed to meet the specific needs of each builder. The Taexx system will be installed in designated exterior or interior walls or combination of both.

What kind of impact does installation of the Taexx system have on my cycle time?

None. It only takes one to two hours to install a typical home so it will not impede your building cycle. We'll work around your schedule.

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