Taexx Built-in Pest Control System and Service

Posted on May 30, 2011 by The Social Team

taexxtech 300x199 Taexx Built In Pest Control System and ServiceThe Taexx system is a built-in pest control system that is installed and serviced by HomeTeam Pest Defense.  The purpose is to keep bugs and other pests where they belong—on the outside—while your family can remain comfortably nestled inside.

This innovative pest control system, originally called TUBES IN THE WALL®, is a network of tiny tubes that runs through designated walls of your home.  It essentially acts as a virtual barrier to keep pests out while limiting the exposure you and your family have to pest control materials.  Pest control is performed from the exterior through the patented and locked service ports.

Taexxbox 300x225 Taexx Built In Pest Control System and ServiceThink you have Taexx?

Dash outside and take a look at your home’s exterior side walls. If you see a port box on each side – about the size of a woman’s hand – mounted on the brick or stucco walls, then you’ll know you have the Taexx built-in pest control system installed in your home. It is probably dark gray and rectangular or oval and beige. Call HomeTeam for confirmation.

What makes Taexx so unique?

There are benefits to using the Taexx pest control service from HomeTeam:

  • Convenient service.  You don’t have to be home after the first treatment.  We perform regularly scheduled services from the outside.
  • Effective treatments.  We target bugs where they hide, inside the walls.  Pest control materials remain effective longer since they’re not exposed to sunlight.  We also apply a barrier of pest control materials around the outside perimeter of your home.
  • Knowledgeable technicians.  Our uniformed HomeTeam service professionals are knowledgeable and thoroughly trained to address your specific pest problems.  They wear uniforms and drive clean, well-maintained vehicles.

We know you can trust our professional pest control service, and we want to prove it to you.  Visit our website, pestdefense.com, to find out more about Taexx.

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